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Web-Based System for PT Organisers

  Overview of EQAlite

If you need a system to manage your proficiency testing (PT) schemes but you do not need many of the functions in our main EQA Programme Manager system , then EQAlite is for you.

At its simplest, EQAlite offers you a web-based system that allows you maintain the details of your participating laboratories, the schemes you run and the individual distributions or rounds that you issue. It also provides your participating laboratories with a website where they can enter their results and view the final round report.   

We can tailor the round reports to use whichever statistical analysis method you choose, z-scores, robust z-scores etc (including ISO 13528, ISO 5725:2, ISO 5725:3 etc), in fact the whole system can be tailored to meet your precise requirements. We can, for example, allow you to maintain units, methods and machines used by participants for further analysis, participants would select the method used when they enter their results. We can also add standard website features such as a page with your contact details, a page about you, news items, registration details, scheme handbooks etc.

Read how one client has used EQAlite to streamline the results, statistics and reporting process, saving time to expand their EQA scheme. Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists - January 2014

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  Key features of the system are:
  • Your details: maintain your details such as address, telephone, email address, etc for display on the website.
  • Participant management: add and edit participant details.
  • Mail merge: for the automatic generation of re-registration letters, labels for samples etc.
  • Scheme & round management: add and edit schemes and rounds including issue and closing date, sample details, methods etc.
  • Participant emails: compose and send emails to participants for newsletters, round issue and closure, availability of reports, re-registration etc.
  • Export and import data to Excel: export participant and round results data directly to an Excel spreadsheet. Upload an Excel spreadsheet and re-import the data allowing you the maintain certain data within your office.
  • Participant website: participants login and enter their round results. Once the round is closed they will also be able to view and print the round report, which can be generated by the system or generated by you (from the results exported to Excel). The website can also include standard website pages (about us, contact us, news etc).
  • Statistical reports: added to meet your requirements eg ISO 13528, ISO 5725:2, ISO 5725:3.
  • Multi-language support: the system allows participants to view the results entry and reports pages in their own language. You maintain the key phrases in the administration functions.
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  Key benefits of EQAlite for you:

  • economical and subscription-based
  • easy to use
  • flexible
  • results entry and reports available at all times for world-wide coverage
  • saves your time
  • uses your participating laboratories own language
  • gives you a web presence
  • assists you in obtaining ISO 17043 accreditation
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  Demonstration System

We have set up a demonstration website BUT you will need to contact us for a login and password.

Click here to request a password

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