Welcome to KPMD (IT Solutions) Ltd
Blades Enterprise Centre, Sheffield

We develop and implement software solutions that can give you a competitive edge. Founded in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in 1995, we specialise in high quality, bespoke, software solutions using the latest technologies. With a wide variety of existing products, we can provide you with value for money solutions, as well as specifically designed products to meet your unique requirements.

The KPMD philosophy is that the client is a partner. By working closely with your key staff, our team of IT specialists can understand your business better and thereby offer the best solution for your organisation. The objective of the partnership is to help you make better use of information technology and thereby improve your business performance. This philosophy leads to a thorough understanding of your business needs, which improves the likelihood of a successful project.

Whatever the system, a full-ecommerce website, timesheet billing system, customer relationship management or customer enquiry handling, we can design and develop a first-class product to meet your exact requirements. The system can be installed within the office, on an internal Intranet or over the Internet. See our products page for examples of software we've developed, such as our Infection Control System and Patient Record Request System, both currently used by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and our helpdesk, call handling and issues tracking system which is currently used by a number of organisations including the National Blood Service, Northgate HR and Westfield Health.

The other popular system at the moment is our EQA Programme Management Software for organisers of external quality assessment and proficiency testing schemes.

KPMD is dedicated to giving the best quality of service available, ensuring that our clients always get what they require at the right price within the time stated. So what does this all mean to you? The net results of our skills, experience and methods of working, are that we promise you:

  • Top quality software solutions which meet your business needs
  • Software systems developed on time and within your budget
  • Additional services, advice and support over and above what most other software companies offer
  • Continuity of service, we will be here to support you in the long term.