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Web-Based System for EQA / PT Organisers

  Overview of EQAlite

If you need a system to manage your proficiency testing (PT) schemes but you do not need many of the functions in our main EQA Programme Manager system , then EQAlite is for you.

At its simplest, EQAlite offers you a web-based system that allows you maintain the details of your participating laboratories, the schemes you run and the individual distributions or rounds that you issue. It also provides your participating laboratories with a website where they can enter their results and view the final round report.   

We can tailor the round reports to use whichever statistical analysis method you choose, z-scores, robust z-scores etc (including ISO 13528, ISO 5725:2, ISO 5725:3 etc), in fact the whole system can be tailored to meet your precise requirements. We can, for example, allow you to maintain units, methods and machines used by participants for further analysis, participants would select the method used when they enter their results. We can also add standard website features such as a page with your contact details, a page about you, news items, registration details, scheme handbooks etc.

Read how one client has used their version of EQAlite to streamline the results, statistics and reporting process, saving time to expand their EQA scheme. Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists - January 2014

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  Key features of the system are:
  • Maintain participants, their contacts and their scheme membership
  • Manage schemes, rounds (runs, distributions etc), and their analytes/tests/parameters
  • Manage samples (including stability and homogeneity tests), methods, machines, techniques etc
  • Mail-merge for sample labels, letters, despatch notes, picking lists, certificates etc
  • Multi-language (easily set up for all the languages your participants use)
  • Participants log in to enter results (quantitative and/or qualitative), and view reports
  • Reports individualised for each participant
  • All statistical standards supported
  • Trend analysis & periodic performance reports
  • Record and track queries and complaints (optional extra)
  • Record and track poor performance incidents, root cause analysis (optional extra)
  • Built in Quality Management System (optional extra)
  • Ad-hoc bulk emails to participants, automatic emails for round issue
  • Audit trail for participant and round records
  • Download participant and results data to Excel

Login page


Participant list page

participant list

Round page

round page

Report examples

results table on-going z-score chart on-going performance chart
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  Key benefits of EQAlite for you:

  • No up-front purchase costs - annual charge linked to membership and therefore proportional to your income
  • Complete accessibility - ability to run the system via an internet browser 24/7 from any device
  • Minimal operational management - no installation, simpler infrastructure support, no software/equipment updates, no system backup overheads etc
  • Complete flexibility to meet YOUR requirements within YOUR budget
  • Increase YOUR efficiency giving you more time to achieve and maintain ISO 17043 accreditation
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  Demonstration System

We have set up a demonstration website BUT you will need to contact us for a login and password.

Click here to request a password

In the meanwhile, you can see a short video (no audio) which quickly demonstrates EQAlite:       Click to open YouTube in a new browser window

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